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Amazon Vendor Academy

Become a certified Amazon Account Manager in 6 sessions


The sessions will take place in Q1 2020.

Exact dates will be announced later.


1st part:

8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m BST
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CET

2nd part:

1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. BST
2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. CET


£4.999 for all sessions

£999 per session

*additional value added tax

The factor-a Vendor Academy offers you comprehensive operational knowledge, a platform for the exchange of experience and continuous hands-on training in the areas of product data/content, Amazon advertising, vendor account handling and reporting and analytics. The curriculum of this factor-a certificate course builds a profound knowledge advantage within several sessions through a combination of expert lectures and individual training units on various Amazon-related topics.

Your advantages

  • Gain a competitive edge through comprehensive practical knowledge
  • Exchange with experts and industry insiders on an individual basis
  • Achieve your goals and better control and build a negotiation foundation with Amazon
  • Build a permanent network even after the end of the course
  • Receive comprehensive documentation and training material on all operational Amazon Vendor topics
  • Benefit from the 20 participant maximum per course and earn a Vendor Academy certificate for successful participation
  • Special consulting and software conditions for certificate holders



Strategic & operational Amazon Insights

Speaker: Alexander Ortner, Principal Amazon Retail and Sebastian Gilles, Principal Strategy Consulting

  • Amazon DNA: what makes Amazon so (!) different. Amazon internal goals & common misunderstandings
  • Terms & Conditions: what can, should and must be negotiated with Amazon
  • Distribution models: is the Vendor / Seller / Hybrid model my golden solution?
  • Internationalization & Go-To-Market: How to identify market opportunities
  • Launch Strategy Sprint Zero: How to gain data for your relevant Amazon Categories and develop your individual launch strategy?
  • Goodbye blackbox: How to use Dashboards to develop & steer your local and global Amazon business


Amazon Portfolio – Selecting the right products & defining a focus portfolio

Speaker: Alice Gossrau, Head of Account Management and Amir Samari, Head of Consulting

Portfolio analysis:
Define initial portfolio, adjust portfolio regularly

  • Monitor operational issues & define key KPIs that impact Amazon business results
  • Twister strategy, why is the composition of the optimal portfolio important, what other options are available on Amazon (Virtual Bundlings)


Operational planning:
Identification of regularities that lead to an unhealthy portfolio.

  • Transparent analysis of key trends in sales, inventory, forecasting and consumer behavior
  • Product cluster of the top performers, where is the greatest potential
  • Conversion optimization: Which products should be optimized?
  • Product launch strategy: What are the challenges on Amazon and which key figures should be considered?
  • Allocation of budgets & linking to other measures such as search advertising, deals, detail page optimization
  • Development of eCom products


Amazon Deals – Making the right choice & tracking performance

Speaker: Alice Gossrau, Head of Account Management and Amir Samari, Head of Consulting

  • Amazon Deals as an opportunity to realize short-term sales increases & gain market share
  • Overview of relevant key figures that help in the ASIN selection for the deal
  • Planning of deals in the overall environment of Amazon activities (sponsored advertising & detail page optimization)
  • Marketing calendar for Amazon
  • Evaluation of the deal performance and learnings
  • Pricing & Buybox


Amazon SEO – conversion-enhancing content optimization

Speaker: Lara Müller Head of Editorial Team and Katharina Lurz, Team Lead Brand Content

  • Content optimization as the basis for increasing sales at product level:
    • B+ content incl. keyword optimization
    • A+ content, and A+ premium content
    • product images
    • mobile optimization
  • Conversion drivers for maximum brand presence: Brand Store, Twister
  • Ensuring long-term success through continuous optimization: review management & content monitoring
  • Strategic recommendations for challenges from the manufacturer’s perspectiv


Amazon Sponsored Advertising

Speaker: Timo Kosak, Head of Paid Advertising

  • Introduction: What is Sponsored Advertising?
  • Product Clustering: Defining how the ASIN list is clustered in consideration of product line, life cycle, sales potential, Amazon history
  • Keyword Research: languages, SEO review, keyword types
  • Strategy:
    • defining main targets such as your sales goal
    • increasing market share
    • having a bestseller
    • gaining awareness
    • launching a product line or cross- & upselling
  • Campaign Setup: Create campaigns based on goals. Setups vary for sellers and vendors
  • Optimization: updating keyword lists, watching the bids, match types, negative keyword and, how to use the factor-a Suite to increase efficiency
  • Analysis / Reporting: what the KPIs mean and how to improve performance based on reporting


Amazon DSP

Speaker: Kim Maggard, Team Lead Programmatic Advertising

  • Introduction: What is DSP?
    • Endemic & Non-Endemic
    • The Sales Funnel
    • Amazon inventory
    • Brand safety
  • Strategy: campaign types (Awareness, Consideration, Retargeting, Advocacy), targeting options, setting up goals per campaign, integrating video and brand stores, cross- & upselling, conquering OOS and LBB
  • Campaign Setup: Ad types (video, standard banner, Amazon DEA) and campaigns per goal
  • Optimization: process & factors (eCPM, viewability, delivery)
  • Amazon Attribution overview (Sponsored & DSP)
  • Analysis & Reporting: Amazon reports vs factor-a reports
  • Understand and use the Amazon KPIs correctly
  • The entire Funnel: Amazon, Facebook, Google in collaboration

Our experts

Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner

Principal Amazon Retail

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Sebastian Gilles

Principal Strategy Consulting

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Lara Müller

Head of Editorial

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Katharina Lurz, Team Lead Brand Content

Katharina Lurz

Team Lead Brand Content

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Alice Gossrau

Head of Key Account

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Amir Samari

Head of Consulting

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Timo-Kosak, Head of Amazon Advertising

Timo Kosak

Head of Amazon Advertising

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Kimberly Maggard

Kimberly Maggard

Team Lead Programmatic Advertising

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