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Distribution Models on Amazon Workshop



For years, the vendor status has proven to be the undisputed best way for companies to do business on and with Amazon. Seller status was something that people often resentfully accepted. The formerly strictly separated worlds of the Amazon vendor and seller are now growing together.

Especially against the background of Amazon EU Sourcing, the quasi-abolishment of personal contact and dynamic pricing, interest in the advantages of the Seller model is growing among many manufacturers. While price sovereignty and additional KPIs are tempting, there are still possible doubts about being moved to this “second row” within Amazon.

We will present all possible sales models currently available on Amazon, explain their advantages and disadvantages, point out possibilities to combine different strategies and work with you to find your optimal solution to successfully use the Amazon channel in a controlled manner.

Possible topics of consulting are:

Historical development of different distribution models on Amazon

  • Seller welcome – embrace your enemies
  • Selection vs. EAN vs. content quality
  • Specialized trade conditions live on Amazon
  • FBA & Seller Prime

Presentation of different sales models


  • SWOT Analysis
  • current developments
  • Variants of the Vendor Model 


  • SWOT Analysis
  • The challenge of content sovereignty
  • Fulfilment: MFN / FBA / SFP
  • Most important differences between the models

The best of both worlds – hybrid models

Pure vendors model for Amazon Retail no longer a must

Which hybrid models are available? What is to be considered?

  • Vendor via wholesaler
  • Seller
  • Seller via broker
  • Main advantages of hybrid models


Which model is right for you?

Concrete recommendations for action and next steps

The topics of this workshop are only a suggestion and can be adapted to your wishes and needs at any time.

Further topics such as logistics etc. can also be integrated if needed.

Your Advantages

  • Applicable knowledge – the participants receive concrete action references to strategic topics surrounding Amazon
  • Tips & Tricks – We provide many tips & tricks from our practical experience
  • Individuality guaranteed – The workshop can be personalized to meet your individual needs and you have the opportunity to ask questions at any time
  • Documents– You will receive all the documents you need fir easy reading whenever it suits you


  • Number of participantsThe number of participants is limited and coordinated based on needs and timing to ensure the best possible training.
  • Who is the seminar for? Our strategy workshop is primarily aimed at decision makers in your company who are confronted with strategic issues
  • Are there any requirements? – There are basically no prerequisites for participation. Some basic knowledge never hurts, but is not a must

Do you want to know more about the workshop?
Ask our expert Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner is Head of Business Development at factor-a. He worked for nearly nine years at Amazon in Munich, most recently as Senior Vendor Manager. Among other things, he was involved in projects such as automated pricing. In advising factor-a customers, Alexander has access to firsthand knowledge. He focuses on the topics analytics and strategic consulting.

Alexander Ortner
Head of New Business
+49 221 17733710

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