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Amazon Deep Dive Workshop



In 2016 Amazon in Germany generated a turnover of 14.1 billion dollars. With 229 million products available, the product range has more than doubled between 2014 and 2016. This corresponds to a daily product growth of over 167,000 products. The topic of visibility is, therefore, simultaneously becoming increasingly important and more complex.

Every day, countless AB tests are carried out on Amazon, processes are questioned and mechanics and algorithms are changed, tested and discarded. With Amazon Sponsored Ads, a highly profitable pay-per-click solution has been established directly at the point of sale, which is gaining more and more importance compared to Google Ads.

Keeping a continuous eye on all of these developments at once while regularly controlling one’s assortment accordingly and above all effectively, is a great challenge for many brands and manufacturers.

factor-a implements the growth plans of leading global brands on Amazon and helps them reach their goals. In our Amazon Intensive Workshop you, as a manufacturer, receive valuable insights into the central growth drivers in Europe’s largest marketplace. Reach your growth goals now!

Learn in one day,

  • How Amazon ticks and why Amazon is different than all the other trading partners
  • What the most common misunderstandings between Amazon and manufacturers are
  • How you can increase your market share on Amazon
  • How to maintain or regain control over your Amazon account
  • How Amazon-specific SEO-optimized content helps to immediately improve visibility
  • How to find keywords that are not yet occupied by the competition
  • Why your content is repeatedly overwritten and what can be done to fix and prevent it
  • Why Amazon Retail Marketing is being replaced more and more by Amazon Advertising
  • How to professionally analyze and manage several hundred Sponsored Ads campaigns
  • That display marketing on Amazon can be as profitable as performance marketing
  • Which key figures are decisive for success on Amazon and how they influence each other
  • Which data you should analyze daily, weekly or monthly
  • How to professionalize your relationship with Amazon through optimal assortment and account handling


10:00 – Introduction round, expectations, goals

10:20 – Amazon, The Unknown Being

  • Amazon DNA – What makes Amazon tick?
  • 100% customer focus, 0% manufacturer focus?
  • What you can learn from Amazon

11:00 – Shop window Amazon – Your content

  • Search behavior on Amazon
  • Ranking factors on Amazon
  • Influence of ratings
  • The right product title for better sales
  • Optimization of product highlights, product description and A+ content
  • Twister / forming product families: advantages and disadvantages
  • Categorization

12:30 – Lunch break

13:30 – Amazon Advertising

  • The history of retail marketing
  • The cards are reshuffled in the marketing mix
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads overtakes Google Ads
  • Detailed comparison of different marketing measures
  • Analysis and control options

15:00 – coffee break

15:15 – Analytics & Reporting

  • Overview of different key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Which KPIs are important for Amazon and which are important for the manufacturer
  • Why the responsibility for Amazon’s profitability lies with you
  • Proactivity vs. reactive analysis
  • Recommendations for analysis routines in daily business with Amazon

16:45 – Final round

17:00 – End

The topics of this workshop are only a suggestion and can be adapted to your wishes and needs at any time.

Further topics such as condition models, logistics etc. can also be integrated if required.


Applicable knowledge
The participants receive concrete action references to strategic topics regarding Amazon

Tips & Tricks
We provide many tips & tricks from our practical experience

Individuality guaranteed
The workshop can be personalized to meet your individual needs and you have the opportunity to ask questions at any time.

You will receive all the documents you need to read whenever it suits you.


Number of participants
The number of participants is limited and coordinated based on needs and timing to ensure the best possible training.

Who is the seminar for?
Our strategy workshop is primarily aimed at decision-makers in your company who are confronted with strategic issues

Are there any requirements?
There are basically no prerequisites for participation. Some basic knowledge never hurts, but is not a must

Do you want to know more about the workshop?
Ask our expert Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner is Head of Business Development at factor-a. He worked for nearly nine years at Amazon in Munich, most recently as Senior Vendor Manager. Among other things, he was involved in projects such as automated pricing. In advising factor-a customers, Alexander has access to firsthand knowledge. He focuses on the topics analytics and strategic consulting.

Alexander Ortner
Head of New Business
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