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Amazon Vendor Academy

Workshop Series

The Vendor Academy creates a profound knowledge advantage within six sessions as a combination of expert lectures and individual training units on various Amazon-related topics.


Amazon Advertising Workshop


Learn how Amazon Sponsored Ads and the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) work and how you can increase your sales with the help of amazon advertising.


Amazon Deep Dive


We provide you with in-depth insight into all operational management options as well as recommendations for improving your Amazon Business.


Product data and content workshop

Workshop Series

This factor-a workshop offers you comprehensive operational knowledge, a platform for the exchange of experiences as well as continuous hands-on training in the area of product data and content.


Distribution Models on Amazon Workshop


We will present all possible sales models currently available on Amazon, explain their advantages and disadvantages, point out possibilities to combine different strategies and work with you to find your optimal solution to successfully use the Amazon channel in a controlled manner.


Amazon Strategy


We let you look behind the Amazon curtain and mediate strategic background knowledge, which helps to better assess and classify the Amazon channel.


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Individual workshops and lectures on all Amazon-specific topics


Roberto Russo

Managing Director

As Head of Product, Roberto Russo is responsible for the factor-a suite software solution as well as data analysis and Amazon research projects.
He has been at the startup world for over 10 years. His focus is on innovative software projects and the development of professional developer teams.

Nils Zündorf

Nils Zündorf

Managing Director

Nils Zündorf has been an e-commerce consultant and specialist in the development and scaling of paid advertising measures for over ten years. His focus is on Sponsored Ads and the Amazon Demand Side Platform.

Marc Aufzug

Marc Aufzug

Managing Director

Marc Aufzug (Dipl. Kfm. – German MBA equivalent) is an entrepreneur and e-commerce expert from the field of marketing with positions at Rocket Internet SE and as founder and managing director of AKM3 (today Performics), he is responsible for new business and marketing at factor-a.

Kimberly Maggard


Team Lead Programmatic Advertising

Kimberly Maggard is Team Lead Programmatic Advertising at factor-a. In 2017 she moved from the Search Team to Programmatic and has since built up the DSP Campaign Strategy and Management division at factor-a. With the help of her team, she helps over 50 brands increase their Amazon sales through programmatic advertising.


Lara Müller

Head of Content

Lara Müller is Head of Editorial Team at factor-a. She has been with factor-a since day 1 and now heads our international editorial team. By supporting more than 150 content projects, she has specialized in the creation of optimal product data on Amazon.

Alexander Ortner

Alexander Ortner

Principal Amazon Retail

Alexander Ortner is Principal Amazon Retail at factor-a. He spent almost nine years working directly for Amazon. He draws on valuable insights when advising factor-a clients. He focuses on analytics and strategic consulting.

Alice Gossrau

Head of Key Account

Alice has been a part of factor-a for a long time and is now Head of the Key Account Management Team. Hand in hand with her clients she finds tailor-made solutions for all problems and challenges.

Katharina Lurz, Team Lead Brand Content

Katharina Lurz

Team Lead Brand Content

Katharina Lurz is Team Lead Brand Content at factor-a. She started as an editor and specialized in Amazon A+ content early on. At factor-a, she helped build up and restructure her department. Together with her team she has successfully implemented projects for more than 100 brands.

Timo-Kosak, Head of Amazon Advertising

Timo Kosak

Head of Amazon Advertising

Timo Kosak is Head of the Sponsored Advertising and DSP department. With his team of 20 people he is responsible for the success of the holistic advertising of our clients.

Sebastian Gilles

Principal Strategy Consulting

Sebastian Gilles is Principal in the Strategy Consulting division at factor-a and is responsible for the further development of our strategic consulting services and data-based consulting products. Before joining factor-a at the beginning of 2020 to help numerous large manufacturers develop the right e-commerce and Amazon strategy, Sebastian founded two start-ups in B2B e-commerce and SaaS and worked in the digital and strategy consulting division at Accenture and BCG.

Amir Samari

Head of Consulting

Amir Samari is Head of Consulting at factor-a. He began his career as a consultant at Otto Group and IBM. At factor-a, Amir and his team serve renowned clients in a wide range of industries and countries. He always has an open ear and is happy to take time for your questions.

Sören Oberdalhoff

Principal Consultant Advertising, Media & eCommerce

Soeren is Principal Consultant for Amazon Advertising, Media and eCommerce at factor-a. Amazon Advertising is in his blood and he worked for years at Amazon before joining factor-a.


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