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Retail Management

Our retail management consists of two pillars: account management and consulting.

Through these pillars, we help increase your Amazon performance, thereby improving your brand presence and customer experience. We handle the wide range of tasks that contribute to the effectiveness of your Vendor Central, including uploading and monitoring product data, opening and tracking Amazon support cases, optimally mapping the assortment structure and managing reviews.

> 130 customers

> 8 Amazon marketplaces

> 150 Projects

Comprehensive support, where and when you need it

Individual analyses by experienced consultants

Our individualised consulting is informed by Amazon reporting data and supplemented by our Amazon experience and knowledge. It is tailor-made to suit your company’s unique needs and improve your overall performance through the development of strategic sales and marketing solutions. Our experts have several years of acquired Amazon expertise and make informed recommendations with the goal of sustainably increasing your overall Amazon performance over the course of the project.


Our account managers maintain an organised overview of each individual project so they can serve as a competent guide and liaison between you and our team of experts. Your dedicated contact person is available to answer your urgent questions and aid in solving more long-term challenges.

Communication with Amazon

We will serve as your direct line to Amazon, keeping you informed about your products and helping you communicate with exactly the right people at exactly the right times.

factor-a suite

The factor-a suite is our in-house multifunctional software program created by Amazon experts for Amazon Vendors and Sellers. The suite bundles all operational tasks to keep your Amazon business running smoothly, from product data and content, advertising and review management to vendor account handling. The data-based automation of the suite paired with the assistance of your appointed contact person will help give your business the competitive advantage you need.

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