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Retail Management

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Maintaining control over operational indicators such as the Out of Stock (OOS) or the Lost Buy Box (LBB) rate is decisive for the efficacy of all other operational measures on Amazon.

In addition to creating optimal content and executing an effective Amazon advertising strategy, the handling of Vendor or Seller Central requires constant attention. The range of tasks is broad: be it the uploading and monitoring of your product data, the opening and tracking of Amazon support cases, the optimal mapping of the assortment structure or the management of reviews.

We look after our vendors and sellers in a holistic manner by taking over the management of their vendor or seller central. Our retail management consists of two pillars – account management and consulting. These serve as the basis for your perfect brand presence on Amazon. We increase your Amazon performance and thereby improve your brand and customer experience.

Full service

Project organization and coordination

Dedicated contact person

Operative interface

Strategic solutions

Performance increase

We provide you with holistic support in your Amazon activities!

Support by a dedicated contact person

Account Management is the first pillar of our Retail Management. It includes the project organization and serves as an operational interface between you and our experts.

In addition to an overview of each individual project, our account managers accompany you on your way and ensure a smooth, goal-oriented cooperation process.

Proactive support in daily business on Amazon

Your dedicated contact person will always be at your side to answer urgent questions and longer-term challenges. They keep an eye on the project constantly and act as a point of contact between you and Amazon.

Benefit from our close relationship with Amazon, our international support and the opportunity for constant exchange.

Individual analyses by experienced consultants

Consulting is the second pillar of retail management at factor-a. The tailor-made, individual consulting is primarily based on Amazon reporting data and is complemented by our experience and know-how in the Amazon sector.

In order to improve your overall performance on Amazon, our team of experts will develop strategic solutions tailored to your needs – whether sales or marketing driven.

Our goal is to sustainably increase your performance over the course of the project. Several years of expertise in dealing with Amazon, specific KPIs from the factor-a suite and their target-oriented combination with a use case form the basis of our recommendations for action to achieve the success of your Amazon business.

factor-a suite

The factor-a suite is our in-house all-in-one vendor software. It is based on years of Amazon expertise and analyzes special KPIs that are adapted to Amazon’s performance measures. All the obtained results are bundled together and clearly presented in the factor-a suite.

We develop a solution tailored to your needs based on the combination of our internal know-how and technical solution. Based on this, we derive actionable recommendations and optimization potential. In this way, we are able to determine approaches for a medium- to long-term sustainable increase in the performance of all your Amazon activities.

Amazon communication

factor-a offers you comprehensive Amazon support and a direct line to the retail giant. We enable quick communication and provide you with permanent updates and first hand information.

With our many years of marketplace expertise, we have the necessary know-how to support your Amazon business in a targeted manner in various countries.

Any questions? We are here to help you!

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