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Content & Product data optimization

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In order to position yourself successfully on Amazon in the long term, you need to present your products in the best possible way. Optimally designed product data do much more than just present the product. The essence lies in the interaction of search-relevant keywords and product data tailored to customer needs.

Our optimised Premium content increases the visibility of your brand and products on Amazon, thus contributing to an improved conversion as well as sales increase. We use tools to determine the most relevant keywords for each of your products and ensure that your entire portfolio can be optimally presented. Our international content team guarantees that potential prospects find exactly the information they need to make a purchase.

With factor-a Marketplace Optimization (MPO) we create the ideal basis and increase your turnover on Amazon!

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We optimize your content and product data on Amazon


Optimized content forms the basis for success on Amazon. Only those who really understand their Amazon customers will become relevant and therefore visible. And only those who are visible can also sell. The goal is therefore to delve deep into the search and buying behavior of potential Amazon customers and create content that will bring your products to the first search result page. This is how you convince potential customers to buy.

Our content team creates content with a consistent theme and implements search-relevant keywords in line with this. Benefit from our tried and tested strategy at native speaker level across all relevant Amazon marketplaces as well as our in-house tools and software solutions!

B+ Content

Our editors become your product experts on Amazon – at product level and for each marketplace. We align your product USPs with the customer Tone of Voice on Amazon and find out how information should be prioritized. In addition, it is our aim to analyze all search-relevant keywords in order to pick up potential Amazon customers in their search exactly where it makes sense.

We understand customer search behavior. We understand what information is really relevant. And we use this knowledge as the basis for perfectly balanced content. Compliant with current Amazon guidelines, we are always on the lookout for the next update. For your boost on Amazon.

A+ Content

In addition to Amazon B+ content, A+ content offers space for visually appealing, interesting and explanatory content on brands, companies or product use. Combining image and text content on the product detail page increases conversion. The customer experience also benefits from A+ content. Our team will create A+ content for you that is tailored to the strategic orientation of your company.

We use the available space creatively! With factor-a, you profit from years of brand expertise and over 2000 successfully launched product detail pages with A+ content.

Premium A+ Content

With Premium A+ content, you stand out from the crowd. In addition to images and text, you are free to integrate videos and interactive features. Premium A+ content offers even more space to provide customers with additional information on brands and products. It significantly improves the customer experience and provides Amazon users with an ideal shopping experience.

With proven know-how, our editorial team creates high-quality Premium A+ content for you, which enhances your product detail pages.

Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores offer you the opportunity to expand your brand presence on Amazon. Use the available space to combine images, videos and text content. This provides excellent advertising space. You can give your customers more in-depth information about your brand and highlight product USPs. Especially articles that need explanation benefit from this. Similar to A+ content and Premium A+ content, brand shops on Amazon can significantly intensify the customer shopping experience. Amazon Stores also offer you the only way to measure external traffic.

The factor-a content team builds your own Amazon Store and creates individual pages for products, categories or offers. Secure your decisive competitive advantage!

Review Management

Many users see reviews as an essential criterion for their purchase decision. Amazon is no exception and always wants to be the most customer-friendly company in the world: For a visit to the product detail page, good ratings are usually the prerequisite. If you neglect review management, this can have a negative effect on your sales. In addition, customer reviews offer vendors the only way to get in direct contact with their customers. Customer feedback also gives you valuable insights so that you can adapt your content to the needs of your customers and remain competitive in the long term.

Through our in-house software, the factor-a suite, we ensure continuous monitoring of your customer ratings. factor-a offers you comprehensive support for all aspects of review management on Amazon!

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