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Amazon Advertising

Campaign management

All campaign related data is bundled together with the product & sales data from other areas of the factor-a suite.

The software solution thus creates greater clarity and enables efficient management of all Sponsored Ads campaigns in your Amazon business.

Individual reports

Freely configurable diagrams and analyses for any viewing and comparison period

Tagging system

Each campaign can be individually tagged so that it can be retrieved with just one click

Historical data

All relevant KPIs are stored at campaign, ASIN & keyword level for the entire time

Ad automation

Ad automation enables rule-based control of all Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) campaigns. It works in conjunction with the other areas of the software to manage your campaigns as efficiently as possible. It also reacts to product information such as current stock levels.

API connection

All campaign changes are automatically made by the software at any time.

Consideration of stock levels

Automatic control of all campaigns based on the availability of the advertised products

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