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factor-a suite

The All-in-One Amazon Vendor Software

Fully comprehensible precise monitoring and individual reporting for reliable sales growth.

The factor-a suite bundles information and options from all Amazon areas into one piece of software. With analysis and report functionalities, you benefit from clarity and understanding of all relevant information and KPIs. Data-based automation creates the greatest possible efficiency for individual products and campaigns.

With the factor-a suite we have developed a software that supports you as Amazon Vendor in all operational tasks: product data and content, Amazon Advertising, review management and vendor account handling. Together with the support of your dedicated contact person, the factor-a suite ensures the decisive competitive advantage on Amazon.



Reports & Analyses

Problem detection

Advertising Automation

Sales Navigator

Content optimization

Data from the whole market

>Data export via API

factor-a suite modules

Retail Management

Would you like live tracking of all the important numbers regarding sales, marketing and the performance of your competitors? With the real-time analysis you always stay up to date and receive meaningful sales data down to the ASIN level. The Sales Navigator determines causes and gives concrete recommendations for action. In this way you become aware of problems with your competition, availability or margin and can act immediately.


Amazon Advertising

Manage your Sponsored Ads campaigns and bids automatically. Save time and use Advertising Automation with multiple variables to pause campaigns and increase or decrease bids. Ad Automation can also automatically change budgets. You don’t have to make any changes individually. The combination with other data from the software raises the automation of advertising campaigns to a new level.


Content & Product Data Optimization

Through continuous content monitoring, you always have the quality of your Amazon SEO-optimized content (B+ content) in view. In the event of unwanted changes, you can easily intervene. Customer reviews can also be easily managed with the content module. You can edit your customer reviews quickly and easily across the entire portfolio.



If you’re a vendor or seller on Amazon, you might often find yourself overwhelmed with problems that shouldn’t actually be problems. If this is the case, read the whitepaper on our factor-a suite to get an overview of how to solve the most common Amazon vendor issues.