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Case Study AEG: 68% sales increase through Amazon Marketing

AEG is a leading global manufacturer of home appliances for private and commercial use. Our Team’s expertise in Amazon Marketing Services allowed AEG Sales to climb by 68% in less than 3 months. Within that timespan, 130 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) were generated for AEG.

Detailed Description

Sponsored Ads were first introduced for AEG with only 130 ASINs in June 2018. In order not to sustain any problems with Sales and production, the ASINs were created prior to the product optimization. To generate new, successful keywords, we ran an automated Sponsored Products (SP) Campaign within the first month. The campaign was regularly updated in accordance with the customer‘s aims. AEG‘s mobile air-conditioners reached peak popularity, quickly selling out. Sponsored Brands (SBs) and Product Display Ads (PDAs) were created especially for Amazon Sales events, such as Prime Day or Cyberweek, so that AEG would receive the highest possible brand awareness.

Increased Brand Awareness

Amazon Store AEG
AEG Amazon Store (Source: Screenshot amazon.de)


Our aim was to push AEG’s Brand Awareness by implementing Sponsored Brand Ads (SBs) and Product Display Ads (PDAs).

Campaigns were created with varying strategies related to keyword optimization:

Generic: generic keywords, for instance: Washing Machine or Vacuum Cleaner
Defensive: defensive keywords, like: AEG Washing Machine or AEG Vacuum Cleaner
Competitor: keywords naming competitors such as Miele Washing Machine or Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
Auto: automatic direction to Sponsored Products (Keywords generated and privileged advertising position on Product detail page)


  • +68% Sales growth
  • 17,35% Sales growth per Euro spent
  • 3,98% Average ACoS (Average Advertising Cost of Spending)
  • 130 ASINs

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