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Yamaha Case Study Download

A look into the content and advertising efforts of factor-a in collaboration with Yamaha to exponentially improve their Amazon business.Read more

Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores Launch in Sweden

Sponsored Ads & Brand Stores are now available on Amazon.se, opening opportunities for retailers and shoppers in Sweden and around the world.Read more

Prepare for Q4 Now!

You can utilize active measures such as Twisters, Deals and Amazon advertising to stimulate the Amazon visibility cycle and boost the appeal of your portfolio.Read more

Driving +345% YOY Growth on Amazon: Yamaha Case Study

A look into the content and advertising efforts of factor-a in collaboration with Yamaha to exponentially improve their Amazon business.Read more

Amazon.eg Launches September 1, 2021

In July 2021 Amazon announced they would be officially coming to Egypt in the form of Amazon.eg. On September 1, … Read more

Manage Your Experiments Tool

With the Amazon Manage Your Experiments tool you can test exactly what content will lead to higher conversions and increase sales.Read more

Tackle Your Amazon Logistics Pain Points

Get insights about sell in on Amazon and understand the complexities of Amazon logistics from the experts in this informative live stream.Read more

Drive Growth on Amazon by Utilizing Twisters, Deals and Advertising

You can utilize active measures such as Twisters, Deals and Amazon advertising to stimulate the Amazon visibility cycle and boost the appeal of your portfolio.Read more

All You Need to Know About Amazon Aggregators

Amazon aggregators help enhance the Amazon ecosystem by buying small seller businesses and scaling them into profitable, international brandsRead more

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Launch in Sweden

Amazon launches Sponsored Display Ads in Sweden, supporting vendors and sellers in growing their businesses and improving the shopping experience for customers.Read more

Is Amazon the Best E-Commerce Platform in Japan?

It goes without saying that over the past year and a half, when the world shut down, we all turned … Read more

Is Amazon The Best E-Commerce Platform in Japan?

Amazon is expanding at a rapid pace to become the largest e-commerce platform in the world and is even out-performing the most popular e-commerce sites in different countries.Read more

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Recap

Amazon Prime Day 2021 was the biggest event to date for the e-commerce giant, but as with any major event, there were both positives and negatives.Read more

Amazon Internal Profitability and Why it is Vendors’ Faults

Alex will explore how vendors perceive Amazon profitability as well as Amazon’s self-perception of profitability.Read more

Amazon Posts

Social media meets online retail with Amazon Posts. This new addition to Amazon allows shoppers to discover your brand and products through different feeds.Read more

How to Find the Right Amazon Agency for your Needs

All the tips, insights and information you need directly from the experts to find the right Amazon agency for your business.Read more

Your Guide to Amazon Prime Day: All You Need to Know

Amazon Prime Day is the most popular e-commerce shopping event year in and year out. After 7.1 billion worldwide sales … Read more

Get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2021

While Amazon always keeps a tight lid on the exact date of Prime Day, several sources have revealed that it … Read more

Sponsored Brands Ads

There is no denying that Amazon advertising has become a key player for all e-commerce businesses, selling both on and … Read more

Brand optimization: steps to success on and off Amazon

Building up a strong and consistent brand presence on Amazon is crucial for success. Combined with Amazon Advertising, your brand content (from product information to a strong brand store) has a massive impact on expanding your audience and increasing sales and market share on Amazon.Read more

Sponsored Products Ads

Amazon gives advertisers many options to personalize the perfect campaign strategy. This guide outlines how to use Sponsored Products ads like an expert. Read more

Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon gives advertisers many options to personalize the perfect campaign strategy. This guide outlines how to use Sponsored Display ads like an expert. Read more

Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores Launch in Singapore

Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores are now available on Amazon.sg, opening opportunities for retailers and shoppers in Singapore and around the world.Read more

Sponsored Display Audiences Offers New Control to Amazon Advertisers

The new Sponsored Display Audiences is a shopping signals-based display targeting strategy for advertisers to grow their Amazon business. Find out more now.Read more

Amazon Retail: How to Handle Chargebacks, Logistics and Negotiations

Deep dive into solution approaches, methods to minimize these issues and examples of best-in-class approaches to help your Amazon business come out on the other side stronger than ever.Read more

Tips for a Successful Product Launch on Amazon

When launching a new product on Amazon or launching products in a new marketplace, there are a lot of fundamental … Read more

Consumer Focus: Impact of Brexit on Amazon’s Business in Ireland and the EU

What does the future look like for Amazon customers in Ireland after Brexit? It may be entirely different than you would expect. Find out more!Read more

Amazon to Launch in Poland

Amazon has announced that it will officially launch in Poland, instituting the Amazon.pl site to vendors, sellers and customers.Read more

DSP Link-Out Campaigns

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) enables you to control your marketing campaigns with regard to target group interests both on and off Amazon. However, we have found that many businesses are only using the first-party data from the Amazon DSP to drive traffic to Amazon brand stores or product pages, not utilizing Amazon’s data to boost awareness on their own websites.Read more

What’s Your Potential? Analyzing the Amazon Category

The Amazon category could be the secret to the success of your Amazon business. Sebastian Gilles breaks down how to analyze categories to maximize your potential. Learn more!Read more

Amazon DSP: Twitch Inventory and Audiences Available for Targeting

Brands running Amazon DSP campaigns in EU5 can now address the diverse interests of the Twitch community through Twitch video and display ads. Learn more!Read more

Amazon.nl: Sponsored Ads are Now Available in the Netherlands

According to the Amazon Website, Amazon has just announced the launching of Sponsored Ads in the Amazon.nl marketplace, allowing for … Read more

How-to: Amazon Brand Stores

Amazon Brand Stores As the number of online shoppers continues to increase steadily, the frequency of visiting traditional brick-and-mortar retailers … Read more

The New Amazon Normal- Looking Back on the Effects of 2020

With Alexa, Amazon has created a new connection between companies and consumers and has thus thrown old marketing principles overboard. The newly created Voice Commerce channel plays by its own rules. Now it is a matter of developing good strategies to win the game.Read more

Manage your inventory: Content monitoring on Amazon

Content optimization is a key factor in achieving success on Amazon, but it is only half the battle. Content Monitoring … Read more

Use Amazon Advertising to push your Non-Amazon Business

Amazon’s Display Advertising program (DSP) offers huge opportunities to Vendors and Sellers to increase sales or brand awareness on Amazon. But wait: that is … Read more

Beyond ARA: How to achieve true transparency on Amazon

In our latest Live Stream Alexander Ortner, Principal Amazon Retail, will talked about the Data you need to succeed on … Read more

The Amazon Hybrid Model: The best of both worlds?

More and more businesses today are using both Vendor Central and Seller Central to leverage the advantages of both platforms … Read more

How to boost your sales and maximize revenue on Amazon

Amazon has altered the way we shop. As a marketer, being able to make a name for yourself on the … Read more

How to boost your sales with Amazon Advertising despite the crisis

Amazon Advertising is not only relevant for manufacturers and retailers to survive the crisis. With powerful marketing tools you can … Read more

How to build your Amazon strategy and boost performance through advertising

Our factor-a experts Dennis Giesche, Consultant, and Pauline Lammerant, Search Advertising Consultant, showed how Amazon ticks and presented decisive influencing … Read more

Amazon launched in the Netherlands

Amazon.nl is live. What do manufacturers and brands need to know now to get a head start? We provide the overview.
Read more

Let’s Talk Amazon – How do I enhance my Strategy for 2020?

factor-a held the first Amazon conference of the new year in London this month. There were some excellent speakers on … Read more

Voice Commerce: How Alexa brings you into the home of your customers

With Alexa, Amazon has created a new connection between companies and consumers and has thus thrown old marketing principles overboard. The newly created Voice Commerce channel plays by its own rules. Now it is a matter of developing good strategies to win the game.Read more

Best practice: Optimize product images for Amazon and mobile commerce

It is no secret that buyers tend to rely more and more on product images when shopping online. Images are … Read more

Fashion on Amazon: What’s possible with Amazon Advertising?

Find out how Amazon is quietly transforming the world of retail fashion and why now is the time to start paying attention.Read more

600% sales increase with Sponsored Ads: A case study

Discover how utilizing Sponsored Ads helped a home and garden decor brand achieve six times higher revenue on Amazon. Read more

Product Launch with Amazon Search Engine Marketing

Would you like to launch a new brand, product line or product on Amazon? Is your inventory listed on Amazon and ready to get shipped? Then you should start pushing sales. This is where Amazon Advertising comes in: How do you launch a product on Amazon by utilizing search engine marketing (Sponsored Ads)?Read more

Amazon Advertising will be bigger than Facebook Ads

factor-a’s Amazon Advertising expert Kimberly Maggard took the stage at DMEXCO 2019 and showed why Amazon Advertising is the next big thing in marketing. Find out how Amazon is quietly transforming into an advertising powerhouse and why Google and Facebook are (rightfully) afraid.Read more

Link Out: Amazon 1st Party Inventory for Display Campaigns

Amazon is quickly becoming the number one advertising platform. Outpacing Google, a study showed 40% of advertisers say they used … Read more

How does Amazon’s Choice badge work?

The Amazon’s Choice badge can give businesses a decisive advantage on the online marketplace. Still, a big question mark looms over the selection criteria for awarding the label. For a short time, however, Amazon listed concrete requirements for receiving the coveted badge on the US marketplace.Read more

Amazon-SEO: The end of the product description

The commercial giant constantly comes up with something new. However, sellers and vendors are rarely informed proactively. It is often only when ranking losses or unsuccessful upload attempts occur that one notices that there are new rules for the Amazon SEO. This time it seems Amazon is going after product descriptions.Read more

Retargeting Case Study: Boosting Sales with Amazon DSP

Have you plateaued with your Sponsored Ads campaigns? Retargeting will take you to the next level! Find out what’s possible in this real case study!Read more

Implementing Amazon Advertising along the Customer Journey

Amazon is not only retailer and marketplace, but it also offers vendors and sellers exciting advertising opportunities. The online giant’s … Read more

Brand Protection with Amazon Sponsored Ads

The competition is not sleeping. To succeed on Amazon, brands must focus on a goal-oriented marketing strategy. This also includes … Read more

Brand Gating – Protect your Brand on Amazon

Amazon’s self-proclaimed “obsession with customers” ensures that its marketplace is as convenient for the customers as possible. This enables Amazon’s … Read more

Amazon launches Middle East Marketplace

Amazon's marketplace launch in the Middle East has finally happened. The trading giant announces that its online presence for the … Read more

Dayparting: How Effective is Ad Scheduling, Really?

Brands and advertisers face the challenge of managing ad campaigns on platforms like Amazon as efficiently as possible. There are … Read more

Tricks for successful case management on Amazon

What to do if something is not working properly on Amazon? When brand manufacturers cannot solve emerging issues on their … Read more

How to understand your Amazon Vendor Manager

A successful collaboration with Amazon requires a good relationship with your vendor manager. It’s important to understand who this person … Read more

Case Study Universum Film: Bestseller with Sponsored Ads

Since Universum Film first entered film production in 2005, the company began making a successful name for itself. The factor-a … Read more

Case Study AEG: 68% sales increase through Amazon Marketing

AEG is a leading global manufacturer of home appliances for private and commercial use. Our Team’s expertise in Amazon Marketing … Read more

What are Amazon Halo Sales and where do they come from?

The Amazon Advertising jungle often poses challenges to marketers – as in the case of Halo Sales. In this article, … Read more

Content Optimization on Amazon: This is how it works

The key to sustainable Amazon SEO success is content optimization that focuses on the customer. Those who only optimize their … Read more

Amazon Buy Box: Consider these important influencing factors

To ensure simplicity of the platform, there is only one product detail page for each product on Amazon. In other … Read more

Amazon A+ Content in M-Commerce: What is important?

Smartphones are a part of our everyday life and are used more and more for online shopping. This means a … Read more

The Amazon Hybrid Model: Combining Vendor & Seller Central

Manufacturers and retailers have multiple options for selling their goods via Amazon. Two forms of cooperation with the retail giant … Read more

Amazon-SEO international: Why translations aren’t the right way

When you take your Amazon business to an international level, you are facing the challenge of creating content for different … Read more

Internationalisation on Amazon: How to Prevent Cross-Border Sourcing

Once your business is up and running on Amazon, it’s tempting to start considering how to target international marketplaces. However … Read more

Amazon DSP: How to use New-To-Brand Metrics

Amazon has introduced New-to-Brand (NTB) Metrics for Sponsored Ads and the Demand Side Platform (DSP) in recent weeks. The new … Read more

Amazon SEO: Challenges for brand manufacturers

Several million products are available on Amazon – and are joined by thousands more every day. The first search results … Read more

Amazon’s Marketplace Launch in the Middle East

News has surfaced from various outlets that Amazon plans to expand its reach to the Middle East. According to these … Read more

Review Management on Amazon: Tips & Tricks for Brand Manufacturers

Over 60% of online shoppers report that customer reviews are a key part of their decision-making process for purchases. Amazon … Read more

New! Amazon introduces Multi-Stores for Brands

Where previously, until this point, brands could use only one Amazon Store per account: now, vendors and sellers have the … Read more

Light in the blackbox: New customer metrics for Amazon Advertising

Until recently, measuring the success of Amazon Advertising campaigns aimed at attracting new customers was a challenge for marketers. To … Read more

New: Bidding Control for Amazon Sponsored Products

In the last couple months, Amazon Sponsored Ads has undergone countless changes. Amazon Advertising’s most recent update is the highly … Read more

Amazon Sponsored Ads: The ultimate guide to all new features

In the past several weeks, Amazon has gone about a major overhaul in its marketing portfolio strategy. Amazon Marketing Services … Read more

Small and Light: Amazon launches new FBA program in Europe

Small and Light (SnL): Amazon launches new FBA-program for sellers and vendors With Amazon Small and Light (SnL), Amazon offers … Read more

Germany’s leading agency in Social Media & Influencer Marketing joins digital agency Dept

By joining Dept, visumate strengthens their overall marketing position with data and technology experts, while simultaneously enriching Dept with creative … Read more

Dept Festival 2018 reveals first names line-up

Digital agency Dept has announced the first speakers to take the stage during the third edition of the Dept Festival. … Read more

factor-a becomes part of Dept

Cologne-based agency embedded in entrepreneurial service model composed of 15 top digital agencies in ten countries Amazon specialist factor-a continues … Read more

factor-a’s amabid software nominated for the European Search Awards

amabid nominated twice   factor-a has been nominated with amabid – the software solution for AMS Bid and campaign automation … Read more

And the SEMY award goes to…factor-a!

amabid wins SEA software innovation award factor-a has won the 2018 SEMY Award in the category “SEA Software Innovation” with … Read more

Amazon Marketing Services? Like Google AdWords, only more powerful

Increased product visibility and increased sales with Amazon Marketing Services Amazon is on the rise and develops every day. Regarding … Read more

factor-a nominated for the SEMY Awards – the coveted German Search Marketing Award

Nominated in two categories simultaneously We are very pleased to announce that our amabid Software has been nominated for this … Read more

factor-a at dmexco 2017

2-day full program With a stylishly designed stand and a strong team, factor-a took part as an Amazon service provider … Read more

Press release: Alexa, how popular am I on Amazon?

factor-a introduces visibility index and screening for trademarks on Amazon ● factor-a Visibility Index shows what the household knows about … Read more

Sponsored Products

New ranking for sponsored products Will products with top rankings lose importance in the future? Most recently, sponsored products on … Read more

The customer’s view of Amazon Business (Buy-Side)

Create a business account The full verification process may take up to three working days, Amazon will review the proposal … Read more

Amazon Business – B2B e-commerce with shopping experience

What are the biggest challenges in the B2B market? Speed, reliability, simplicity and reasonable prices. What is Amazon particularly good … Read more

Amazon Business comes to Germany

Amazon’s basic idea is absolute customer focus – Amazon has always been committed to providing the best service to its … Read more

10 things you should consider as a Vendor in preparation for Cyber Monday

If you, as a vendor, are considering participating in Cyber Monday, you should consider a number of prerequisites as well … Read more

The end of sponsored reviews on Amazon

Those who have read reviews on Amazon in recent years will have noticed that an addendum has appeared in some … Read more

The Vendor Manager – 7 tips for an improved Amazon Experience

For every Amazon Vendor, a productive partnership with the designated Amazon Vendor Manager is essential. This cooperation can often be … Read more

Press release: Brands on Amazon under new leadership – entrepreneur Marc Aufzug and Dominik Bors expand factor-a

factor-a management team expands news company umbrella: Marc Aufzug (Rocket Internet among others) and Dominik Bors become managing directors of … Read more

Challenges for manufacturers through Amazon’s cross-border sourcing

With each European country that Amazon launches in, most recently with its launch in the Netherlands (first as a translation … Read more

Amazon – The new design of the product detail pages

Amazon has recently introduced a new design on product detail pages to be even more attractive for customers. So far, … Read more

Online shopping without an online shop: Amazon establishes the dash button in Germany

Since August 31, Amazon has been offering its Dash Buttons for the first time in Germany, which have already been … Read more

New service for sellers on Amazon: Vendor Express

For a few days now, Amazon has also been offering German manufacturers and retailers the service Vendor Express, which the … Read more

factor-a visibility index

How do major brand manufacturers fare on Amazon? In order to address this issue, factor-a has launched a Visibility Index, … Read more

Vendor Central vs. Seller Central: Which one should I choose for my business?

Information gathering: Amazon obtains information about what customers want in a particu­lar department, primarily by first acting as a merchant … Read more

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