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Amazon Egypt launch

Amazon.eg Launches September 1, 2021

In July 2021 Amazon announced they would be officially coming to Egypt in the form of Amazon.eg. On September 1, 2021, Souq.com, an Amazon company that has been operating in Egypt since 2017, was replaced by the e-commerce mogul. After Souq.com in the United Arab Emirates became Amazon.ae in May 2019 and in Saudi Arabia to become Amazon.sa in June 2020, it was no big surprise that Amazon would eventually take the same step in Egypt – Souq’s final local operation.

From the announcement in July 2021, local brands and businesses were able to start registering with Amazon’s Seller Central at sell.amazon.eg to prepare for the launch. Sellers already using Souq.com were also able to access Seller Central after simply validating their details.

The acquisition provided a smooth transition for sellers and shoppers alike, with Amazon.eg’s homepage even displaying a banner reading “Your Souq is now amazon.eg.” Even though this is its smallest market to launch yet, Amazon will take on the exact same form in Egypt as it has in every other marketplace: featuring millions of products from local and international brands across a variety of categories.

Amazon.eg souq.com international marketplace
Amazon Egypt Homepage (Source: screenshot Amazon.eg)

For sellers, the launch of Amazon.eg means major opportunities for growth. The international platform gives small, local businesses access to an international customer base that would have never been available otherwise. The company emphasizes its goal of providing their customers with a wide variety of products at the best prices. This translates to more than half of the products sold on Amazon coming from 3rd party sellers. Amazon also puts a lot of energy into small businesses, offering programs and tools to help them expand at exponential rates.

Amazon.eg Logistics

Amazon Egypt will be available for browsing in both English and Arabic for online and mobile. While Prime is not yet available, free 1-2 day shipping is available for orders of more than 350 EGP ($22) and same day shipping is even available in Cairo, Qalyubia and Giza. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is also available, making it very easy for sellers to store their products in one of Amazon’s warehouses and hand the logistics organization over to Amazon.

Amazon has already established a wide fulfillment network across the country with over 3000 employees and 15 delivery stations. This makes for easy logistics management for sellers and fast delivery times for customers. Amazon.eg is already off to a great start, with the Souq.com as the foundation, but there is still a lot of growth potential.

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